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1. Perimeter Fence - Security at Deca Homes Esperanza is the prime concern of the property such that the several residing families can lead a free, safe and secure life. The property is well covered and guarded by strong fencing which keeps it guarded and protected from anyone entering from the periphery.

2. Landscaped Entrance Gate - As the famous idiom says "First impression is the last impression" Deca Homes Esperanza is built with a beautiful entrance gate that offers a magnificent landscape view. Your relatives and friends are sure going to drop their jaws while entering your new home community.

3. Guard House - Deca Homes Esperanza offers immense security to all its residents. There is a guard house located at the property where expert trained security professionals are posted to take care of the security of the people. These security guards are well trained and organized for their purpose in the property. They monitor all the ongoing activities in Deca Homes Esperanza. The incoming non-resident members are noted and checked before given an entry. These professionals also keep a check on all the automobiles that enter the gates.

4. Entrance Arch - A beautifully constructed entrance arch that adds on to the beauty of Deca Homes Esperanza. A defined entrance give an everlasting impression on the passerby or any other entrant and Deca Homes Esperanza leaves no chance of casting an impression on the people.

5. Wet and Dry Commercial Area - Wet and dry commercial areas are accommodated for the use of the residents. At Deca Homes Esperanza special attention is paid to the comfortable and convenient stay of the residents.

6. 300-seater Church - We often miss our prayer sessions due to our busy schedules, while residing at Deca Homes Esperanza you would never miss another session of your prayers as the property accommodates a three hundred seater church. One can even hold a wedding well within their residing community owing to the giant size of the beautifully designed church.

7. Parks and Playground - Deca Homes Esperanza has huge playgrounds and lush green parks for the residents which can be used for several purposes. Kids can use the playgrounds to play with their friends and siblings and the parks can be used by all for peaceful walks in the mornings and evenings. The parks are covered by lush green grass and the maintenance of these giant fields are handled by the expert management team of Deca Homes Esperanza.

8. Basketball Courts - Basketball is one of the well-received sports all around the world is also practiced and played by the residents of Deca Homes Esperanza. A huge basketball court is accommodated in the property and the residents can have amazing playing sessions well within their residence.

9. Multi-Purpose Building - A multi-purpose building is designed and conceived by Deca Homes Esperanza which can be used for various recreational as well as refreshing activities. The multi-purpose building offers a lot of indoor games to be played by the residents making Deca Homes Esperanza a property that offers both indoor as well as outdoor recreational activities at their best.

10. Planting Strips for 2,076 Trees - In today's world where the surroundings are full of pollution causing automobiles, Deca Homes Esperanza concentrates over building a community where nature serves its best and also the pollution caused is balanced out by the dense green trees. The property possesses planting stripes for the growth of more than two thousand trees within the premises of the property.

11. Water Treatment Facility - With a huge settlement such as Deca Homes Esperanza water utilization is immense. And as the dedication of Deca Homes Esperanza towards a healthy environment is evident by the design of the property another initiative towards a healthy environment is a well-designed water treatment facility that treats the used water.

  • Perimeter Fence
  • Landscaped Entrance Gate
  • Guard House
  • Entrance Arch
  • Wet and Dry Commercial Area
  • 300-seater Church
  • Parks and Playground
  • Basketball Courts
  • Multi-Purpose Building
  • Planting Strips for 2,076 Trees
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